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Laleh Fayaz

One of the perks of my job (other than getting to indulge my passion every day) is the amazing range of people you get to meet, and the stories you hear. Whilst at Pure London Show, I met a lovely young lady by the name of Laleh Fayaz, an exhibitor who was only to happy to tell me the story behind her work.

She designs hand made scarves created with images from an unusual source – each of the pieces is inspired by historical, cultural and creative images found in the British Museum and her home town of Athens, Greece. ‘The Oxus Treasure & Mrs Delany’s Paper Garden’ collection feature works inspired by:

The Oxus Treasure: – the most important surviving collection pieces from the Acheamedian Persian period, founded by Cyrus the great (7-4th C BC. The treasures were found in the Oxus River between 1877 and 1880

Mrs Delany: one of the most attractive figures of the 18th century, her mosaics of flowers made from hundreds of pieces of cut coloured papers were the crowning achievement of her creative life. She began her life’s work aged 72, stopping aged 88 when her eyesight failed her.

The team at Pure London:


Some of her creations:


Pure London Show

I had the pleasure of being a photographer at the London fashion show for retailers – Pure.  A bustling, busy show with buyers scouring 2 floors of stands full of every fashion item you could conceive or wish for, with everybody from small businesses like Flora Brown (more on her later) to DKNY.

I of course spent the majority of my time peeking out from behind the lens at the end of the catwalk but did manage to get out there and chat to some of the amazing people, like Laleh Fayaz and Terra Dea.

Here’s a few of the images from the show.

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You know how it is. You have this great idea – keep everyone updated with all your latest work. Then the accounts need doing. You get a call about a shoot that a photographers cancelled on asking if you can attend in an hour, and it’s an hours drive away, you agree to do x, y and z, emails need checking,  phones need answering. Plus the accounts need doing so the tax man is a happy bunny.

Sooooo… there is my basic excuse for complete lack of updates on my blog! In all seriousness, there are other reasons too – I’ve undertaken  a considerable amount of work with client privelages that make me unable to share, and for some reason I thought a blog saying ‘just had an amazing shoot, can’t tell you anything about it’ would be teasingly boring. I shall attempt to catch up… wish me luck!

Treasure Chairs

Once in a while, you meet a client that really stands out from the rest. Kirsten is one such lady. Her enthusiasm, drive and positive nature are infectious! Her company – Treasure Chairs – manufacture hand made child size versions of the classic wingback chairs, chaise longue and sofas. The quality and attention to detail is excellent, It really was incredibly difficult to leave the shoot without purchasing one of each!

Why not pop on over to their website – and like their facebook page – Treasure Chairs on Facebook


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Day… erm… month… Movember!

It’s been a fair while since I’ve updated my blog. Whilst I’ve managed to keep the images on my site relatively up to date, the trials and tribulations of daily life have left me scrabbling around the edges for some of my more pleasurable pursuits, such as projects and personal work. With the beginning of November approaching I decided it was time to make a change, and to start getting a bit of time back for ‘me’. But maybe not quite so selfish, so I embarked on the charity project, ‘movember’. If you’ve never heard of it, have a search around, there is tons of info I’ll not bore you with the repetition of here, suffice to say that it is a charity event run during the month of movember, to raise cash and awareness of male health issues such as testicular and prostate cancers, by growing a moustache. So that’s what I did. Bright eyed, bushy tailed and clean shaven on the 1st, I let my ‘mo’ grow. Every day I took a photo using the same set in a corner of my studio, popped the same top on for continuity (no, it wasn’t worn for a whole month!) and snapped. At the end of the month, I compiled them into a brief timelapse! I’ve not yet worked out why youtube seems to mangle my videos so much, but it can be viewed on my facebook p
My Movember on youtube

Or here it is on my facebook page  (DaVincent Photography) Feel free to like and share!

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