Photographer Derek with his son.

This is the bit where I’m supposed to write all about me and how I became a photographer, tell you all about how my love of photography began at an early age, ‘somewhere around 35 years ago’, with the gift of a Kodak 110 camera. It’s true, it did. It had such remarkable imaging features as a winder wheel (that advanced the ‘film’, an early version of ‘pixels’ that you had to wait a week before eagerly viewing on a handful of colourful bits of paper) and a bright orange shutter button large enough to be used by children and elephants alike. Oh, and a denim case to keep it safe!

I’ll never forget that camera, but lets face it, you’re not reaaaallly that interested in all that. Unless you like vintage denim and small plastic cameras. You want to know first and foremost if I can take a good photograph that meets your requirements, you may also want to know if you’re going to be aching to leave the room I’m in while taking shots, or keen to stick around. A good working relationship tends to result in better creativity all round so for me a client should love a photographer’s images, but it’s almost as important they love the photographer as much as they love the photographs.

The first bit… well hopefully my galleries on this website will give you most of the information you need on that front. I’m not afraid to photograph anything, I just love photographing things. Anything. Okay I may be afraid to photograph inside an active volcano, but I’d probably still do it. I am very particular about my shots. I’m very particular about pleasing my clients too. Two things I hate – an imperfect shot, and an unhappy client. Fortunately my hatred of the first means not having to deal with the second, and happy clients mean happy me.

So who has already loved my work? What are my credentials? My clients have ranged from stressed mums creating a startup business in their kitchen, up to commercial work for The Wall Street Journal with everything inbetween. Catalogue shoots for a fashion brand, product photography for SME’s. I’ve been exhibited in the Getty Images Gallery in London at the request of Nikon (and subsequently a photograph shown on TV’s ‘The Fixer’ as an example of ‘how to do it right!) but one thing remains consistent throughout – no matter what or who the client, the same attention to detail and care are put into every image. Alongside my love of photography is a love of design – I have been involved in graphics design almost my entire working life, so am fully able to carry out digital editing and post production.